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Are You Sitting Comfortably? Here's What Your Seating Position Says About You...

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04 November 2019

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Nowadays, most people spend every working day seated behind a desk. And, once we get back home, most of us tend to snuggle down in our favourite chair or on the sofa for the rest of the evening. 

Although every type of seat will result in us sitting differently, did you know that the way you naturally sit actually says a lot about your personality? It’s thought that people show different character traits in the way they sit, so why not check out what your own seating position says about you? Read on…

Sitting Upright

If this is your natural way of sitting when outside of work, then did you know that this shows you are a confident and reliable person? However, if you work in an office all day, then you should be sitting upright anyway, as this position will support your spine and reduce any aches and pains. Ask your workplace to give you a workstation assessment to check that your chair and desk are both at the right height.  

Sitting Cross-legged

Are you someone who loves to sit cross-legged on a seat as well as the floor? Unless you’re a yoga guru, this position tends to show that you’re a carefree, open-minded type of person and you’re pretty flexible too!

Crossed Legs Over Knees or Ankles

If you tend to sit with your legs or ankles crossed, there are a variety of different meanings:

·      Legs crossed at the knees is one of the most common seating positions, despite the fact that this can lead to poor posture over time. Apparently, this position has been voted by men as their favourite seating position for women!

·      Legs crossed at the ankles can indicate that you are ‘holding back’ in some way, and possibly fearful or uncertain about something.

·      Legs crossed with ankle over knee shows that you are confident and dominate person.

Crossed or Folded Arms

The physical action of crossing your arms acts as a barrier when you are facing somebody. Folded arms are definitely not the pose you want to adopt when sitting in an interview! This position can indicate to an interviewer that you are closed, possibly insecure, or have some sort of vulnerability. On the other hand, people who tend to cross their arms naturally while seated are thought to be naturally analytical and serious, and this position can also indicate someone is reflective and thoughtful.

Hands-on Lap

This is an interesting position, as it says to others you are possibly a reflective and more introvert type of person. In fact, resting your hands on your lap with open palms is thought to be a sign that you are open and honest – this is a great way to sit in an interview, as it shows you are cool, calm and collected…

Gripping the Armrests

When enthralled by a film or TV programme, most of us will find ourselves clinging onto the armrests in sheer suspense! However, if this is your natural armchair position, this tends to show that you are a sensitive person. You could find yourself sitting this way because you have something on your mind and feel stressed or tense. But, usually, the act of gripping something shows that you are trying to ‘ground’ yourself, as the armrests offer comfort and security.

 There are so many ways to sit, so what does your natural seating position say about you? 

Anything in this article ring true? And, don’t forget, how you sit will all depend on how comfortable your chair or sofa is!


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