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Which Chair Are You? Take Our Quiz!

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24 June 2020

GTForce Pace Gaming Chair with Recline and Footrest-20062511534878620.png

Quick Quiz: Which Chair Are You? 
With so many chairs to choose from where do you start? So, we thought we’d compile a quick quiz to help you decide which model best suits your tastes and your personality! Get your thinking cap on and grab a pen, so you can jot down your answers to the following questions: 

1.    What type of cover do you prefer?

a)   Soft fabric

b)   Linen fabric

c)    Smooth leather 

d)   Durable leather

2.    What colour do you prefer?

a)   Neutral – earthy browns or grey shades 

b)   Modern and neutral, but with more choice

c)    Black, brown or cream – can’t decide!

d)   Bright, bold and striking colours

3.    What type of style do you prefer?

a)   Modern, soft and comfy

b)   Modern and compact

c)    Traditional and classic

d)   Sporty and functional


4.    What functions do you prefer?

a)   Can recline and rise using a button

b)   None! Simply a beautiful feature…

c)    Recline only using a simple latch

d)   Everything! Fully adjustable

5.    What level of support do you prefer?

a)   Helping me move in and out of my seat

b)   Some, but it’s more about looks…

c)    Just to lie back and put my feet up

d)   Full support for several hours


6.    What level of manoeuvrability do you prefer?

a)   I want the chair to do all the moving!

b)   None, I can move the chair wherever…

c)    Some, in case I do need to move around

d)   Full set of wheels, please!

7.    What extra features do you prefer?

a)   I love a handy side pocket

b)   The chair is a feature in itself

c)    I just need to be able to snooze

d)   Back pillow and a footrest

If you answered mostly then you are the perfect fit for our 
Keston Electric Dual Motor Rise Recliner

If you answered mostly then your ideal chair is most likely to be our Annika Accent Chair in Linen

If you answered mostly then the chair for you is our Richmond Manual Recliner Leather Chair.  

If you answered mostly then the chair best suited to your personality is the GTForce Pace Gaming Chair with Recline and Footrest.

Don’t forget, if you choose to buy any of the above chairs, we have various payment options available. The Klarna payment schemegives you the option to buy now and pay later. Every item we sell also comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day returns policy. 

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